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Staying abreast of the latest trends can be both tiring and confusing in the fast-paced world of design, where what’s cool one day can suddenly become passé when a magazine or influencer decides it is done.

This time we will try to investigate and predict the upcoming trends in interior design for 2019 based on analysis of colors, materials, furniture designs and shapes that we discover and observe in project and designers and architects that capture our attention through the years.



Shade of blue will be the focus color in 2019 for interior designing. Whether it’s on walls, floors, cabinetry, furniture, soft furnishing or splash backs, blue has replaced grey as the go-to on-trend color.








The trend for luxury and rich expression is obvious when it comes to the soft sitting arrangements,  they are all big, soft, enveloping the body into velvet and rounded shapes. The designers usually combine them with marble cladding and surfaces, glass structures and furniture and aristocratic colored-metals: brass, copper, silver or golden shine.









Apart from these fresh, innovative elements, the traditional organic materials don’t lose their value wood, glass, stone are still an excellent choice for the designers. The innovation here comes from the strength and durability of the materials. Lately, the glass is so durable that entire furniture’s are created by it, or it is used as a stable base for heavy marble tops. The agate and terrazzo presence is also an actual trend at the materials composition scene.


Don’t miss the retro trend too it is still trendy. And we will take a thorough look at it. Many designers stay focused and inspired by the retro feel. So, yes, we defiantly still need the warmth, softness and roundly glitter of the disco vibe.


To finish, we will have a look at some colors of interior design that are going to be a trend next year:


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The joyous festive season of Diwali will be soon upon us, and we will be looking and willing to make our homes look prepared in all possible ways. The festival, after all, is one of the biggest themes throughout India and is being celebrated with great pomp and show. For many, it might be nostalgic to their childhood and thus, making their house speak the language of the festival of lights by being warm, fresh, inviting, awash in colors and patterns and above all, as special and beautiful as it can possibly look.



Here are an easy checklist and some tips to make sure your home reflects all the cheer of the season of celebrations:-


  • Make fresh flower centerpiece wherever you can.


Place floral arrangements in vases, picturesque ceramic cups and tumblers to allow fragrances to linger within the walls of your home through these months. Torans and paper lamps will lend the added bohemia of colors and celebration to your balconies and hallways. Using a bright colored runner over the table will not only add to the look but will absorb any oil spilling from diyas too.



  • Jazz up your walls


From whitewashing the walls to framing it with pictures, add a little festive mood everywhere.

Make your walls look brighter and follow the color scheme of your house that goes best with the season. You can decorate your walls with crafted wall hangings and other knick-knacks. Also, replace the old art pictures with the new ones. Take this opportunity to finally frame and put up the pieces of local art, scrolls or paintings that you might have purchased for the season.



  • Get cozy with rich textiles.




Nothing looks more attractive than classy and embroidered cushion covers for the festivals. Bring out the cushion covers or bed-sheets in brocades and silk; warm-rich colors within hand embroidered Phulkari or Kantha work look gorgeous. The weather allows for richness in colors and warmth of textiles and furnishing. Place bright new table-runners in rich prints and textures across your dining tabletops and consoles. Get some bright colored throws and place them around for that added touch of casual warmth.







  • Make the entrance and balcony look attractive.


A delightful way to do this is to place an urli filled with water at your both entrance & balcony and float some fresh flowers and diyas in it. People prefer to hang on their balcony and gallery to look at the kids playing in streets and bursting the crackers. Decorate your balcony but in limits. Don’t forget to add some plants to keep the air fresh despite all the pollution. You can place a pot full of diyas within the balcony. It will not only look great but also safer than directly placing the diyas on the floor.


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Reflect your class with Luxurious Furniture

When it comes to creating the perfect environment for your home, no little element should go untouched.  It is an art of living which makes your social standing in society, the way you dress and style your home increases the standard of your living and reflects your personality.


Luxury furniture for the living room-


Create a beautiful and relaxing living space with luxury furniture that makes your house into a home. It gave the essence of the whole house. Furniture makes your home complete, defines the look, defines the standard, brings individuality – an expression of your unique sense of style.


Components of living room furniture


  • Sofa
  • Arm Chairs
  • Side tables
  • Cabinets and trunks
  • Shoe racks
  • tables

“Luxury adds elegance and style to a home” everyone want a little luxury in their home and a single luxurious element or a piece of luxury furniture makes a special space and reflect the living standard.


 Luxury Bedroom furniture-


You can decorate your bedroom with luxury furniture including designer furniture. The colour of the furniture should match according to the bedroom, colour reflects the feeling of space and lightens up the wall and furnishing.


Component of bedroom furniture


  • Bed and mattresses
  • Luxury headboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Dressing table
  • Beside table
  • chaises and benches


Luxury dining furniture-


Celebrate perfect family moments over great food and luxurious dining furniture. Stay glued to your seat with comfortable dining set even after dessert. Perfect selection of dining furniture makes your parties or lazy Sunday morning more interesting.


Components of dining furniture


  • Dining set
  • Dining tables
  • Dining chairs
  • Cabinet / bars